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I am Caroline Power, the Principal Solicitor of the Family Law Practice, C POWER LAWYERS.

The philosophy that guides C Power Lawyers has been 18 years in the making. I bring to my firm all of the best practice principles I have learnt in that time and I have left behind all of the practices that I do not want my firm to follow.

Having been a Family Lawyer for 18 years I have assisted in negotiating amicable outcomes for client’s and I have represented clients involved in the Court system. Being involved in Family Law proceedings can be extremely upsetting and stressful and I am here to help you with your journey through this process.

I hold a Bachelor of Laws Degree and a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice from the ANU. I was admitted to practice in 2000 and have represented my clients in the ACT, NSW, Victoria Queensland and Tasmania in property and children’s matters, Domestic Violence matters, defacto and same sex matters.


I highly recommend C Power Lawyers to anyone requiring help with their Family Law matter. The guidance and assistance Caroline and the team provided me was a god send through what was the most difficult emotional time of my life.
Caroline R

I had previously been advised incorrectly by other legal firms about my rights when it came to the traumatic issue of Divorce.

I contacted Caroline and she was able to set me straight on how things actually worked. I know I had unreal expectations and was very angry at the way things were going with the other party's legal representative. Caroline was able to help me curb my expectations to what was actually achievable and legally fair.

The other party were unprofessional and played with the truth at times but Caroline was able to help me keep my emotions in check. Caroline does not believe in playing games or playing along with the other team's antics. She was able to tell me in straight terms what we could and couldn't achieve.

With Caroline's help and guidance I was able to come to what I believed was a fair solution despite the other party asking for an unrealistic outcome. I value Caroline's opinion and wealth of knowledge when it comes to Family Law matters and would highly recommed her to anyone in a similar solution.
Paul H