C Power Lawyers are a Canberra based Law firm, our solicitors specialise in Family Law and Wills & Probate matters. We provide high quality legal advice and representation and our team is led by Caroline Power, the principal of the firm, with over 20 years of experience.

Our firm is characterised by our recognition of the feelings, anxieties and individual needs of the people caught up in Family Law matters and our professional and compassionate approach is tailored to meet those needs. At C Power Lawyers we guide you through the Family Law system and support you to move forward. The firm’s motto says it all “Within the heart of every moment lies the seed of a new beginning”.



Caroline was invaluable in helping me through a difficult time. After a domestic violence incident involving my husband and witnessed by our two small children, I was left feeling devastated and confused. I reached out to experts from domestic violence crisis lines, women’s court advocacy groups, local police domestic violence officers and relationship counsellors, and was feeling overwhelmed and completely unsure as to which way was up. The heightened level of emotion at that time compounded my feelings of uncertainty, but I knew that I needed to make some crucial decisions, and fast.

Caroline walked me calmly through the process. She listened with compassion, explained technical legal requirements with clarity and answered all my questions, big and small. My understanding of the process is now clear, and I am confident to move forward towards a new life for me and my children.
Alicia W

You are the best and I have been ever grateful for your consistent excellent service. I have never been so privileged to have professional and caring service that looks after me. Your service and care has always stayed in my memory of how you handled my separation/divorce from that individual of 34 days of hell was outstanding. I will always be grateful and will always recommed your professional services to anybody I hear that needs help.
Keith G

I highly recommend C Power Lawyers to anyone requiring help with their Family Law matter. The guidance and assistance Caroline and the team provided me was a god send through what was the most difficult emotional time of my life.
Caroline R

I had previously been advised incorrectly by other legal firms about my rights when it came to the traumatic issue of Divorce.

I contacted Caroline and she was able to set me straight on how things actually worked. I know I had unreal expectations and was very angry at the way things were going with the other party's legal representative. Caroline was able to help me curb my expectations to what was actually achievable and legally fair.

The other party were unprofessional and played with the truth at times but Caroline was able to help me keep my emotions in check. Caroline does not believe in playing games or playing along with the other team's antics. She was able to tell me in straight terms what we could and couldn't achieve.

With Caroline's help and guidance I was able to come to what I believed was a fair solution despite the other party asking for an unrealistic outcome. I value Caroline's opinion and wealth of knowledge when it comes to Family Law matters and would highly recommed her to anyone in a similar solution.
Paul H

Thank you C Power Lawyers for helping me with my Family Law matter. You stepped me clearly through the process saving me significant stress, time and money.
Caroline R

I am a widow and sole income earner and was involved in Tribunal proceedings at the South Coast. Caroline provided me with invaluable advice and support during the course of these proceedings and on the day of the Hearing and I cannot recommend her highly enough.
Anne G

I called on Caroline to do a Power of Attorney for me. I had no idea what this entailed but she explained everything to me and drew up the documents ensuring I knew what it covered. All members of my family had to sign on the same day and this was like herding cats. We met up out of office hours and one family member couldn't get off work to do so. Caroline went out of her way to his workplace so he could sign. I so appreciated all that she did for me and my family. I would recommed Caroline Power if you require Enduring Power of Attorney and wills.
Cathie M

I would highly recommed Caroline Power. I engaged in Caroline's services for my divorce proceedings. During that extremely stressful period in my life, she was professional, caring and friendly. We achieved a great outcome and I was very happy with the result. I have no hesitation in recommending Caroline for legal services.